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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many of your questions and/or concerns might be answered in the FAQ below.  Please refer to the section that best corresponds to your needs.

Product Availability
Other Enquiries
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Product Availability

Q1: Where can I buy Danson products?
A1: Most major retailers in Canada carry our products.  If you are looking for a specific product, please ask your local retailer if they carry the product.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide specific retailer information on our products.

Q2: I purchased one of your products a few years ago and now I cannot find it anywhere.  Can I buy it from you directly?
A2: Danson only sells product to retailers.  We cannot accomodate orders by consumers.

Q3: I would like to buy large quantities of one of your products.  Can I buy from you directly?
A3: Danson only sells product to retailers.  We cannot accomodate orders by consumers.

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Other Enquiries

Q4: Can an indoor light set be installed and used outside?
A4: No, the set is not constructed for exterior use as the thickness of the wire is not made for the temperature and environmental variations typical of winter weather.  Cold could cause indoor sets used outdoors to break and/or overheat. 

Q5: Can an outdoor light set be installed and used inside?
A5: Yes, all lights that are labeled for exterior use can be used inside.  However, typically, outdoor sets use polarized plugs which may or may not fit your electrical outlets and/or extension cords.

Q6: Can we mix-and-match different types of light sets together, for example LED sets with incandescent sets or mini bulb sets with C-bulb sets?
A6: No, mixing sets of differing construction or bulb types together is not advisable. 

Q7: Can I cut my rope lights to make them shorter?
A7: No, we do not recommend this action as it will damage the product, negate any warranties and make the product unsafe for use.

Q8: Can I paint a light bulb?
A8: No, we do not recommend this action as it requires a special paint that is not commercially available. Using any other type of paint could cause toxic fumes when the bulbs heat up.

Q9: Can I put my pre-lit artificial Christmas tree outside?
A9: If the tree does not specify that the light strings used are constructed for outdoor use, we do not recommend using pre-lit artificial Christmas trees outdoors.  However there are many trees now sold on the market that are made expressly for exterior use with light strings approved for outdoor use.

Q10: Can I add additional light sets to my pre-lit artificial Christmas tree?
A10: You may as long as the maximum number of lights plugged into a single household outlet does not exceed 240 watts.  If you are adding additional sets to the same outlet, please ensure to only add sets of the same bulb type.  If you can plug the additional sets into a different electrical outlet, please ensure that those sets do not exceed the 240 watts maximum.  For more information on the maximum number of lights strings on a single outlet, please refer to our chart on our Lighting Charts page.

Q11: Can I leave my light strings and/or lighted decorations installed and operational all year long?
A11: Unless the product is specified for continual operation, we do not recommend this action as such usage will reduce the lifetime of the product and may negate any warranties.

Q12: How do I choose the correct replacement bulb for my incandescent light sets?
A12: Please verify if your light set is made for indoor or outdoor usage, count the number of lights in your light set and then please refer to our chart on our Lighting Charts page.

Q13: What can I do if a bulb on my incandescent light set is missing or burnt?
A13: If one or several bulbs are missing from the set, simply replace the bulb with a compatible one. Please ensure that you always replace the bulbs with a comparable replacement bulb.  Each light string should have a small label attached which specifies the voltage and watts of the replacement bulb needed.  You may also refer to our replacement bulb chart found on our Lighting Charts page.

Q14: What can I do if my mini light set doesn’t light up when plugged in? How do I determine which light is burnt?
A14: Please refer to your product packaging for the best method to test your bulbs.  If you no longer have your packaging you need to purchase a light tester, read the usage instructions included with the light tester, and test all the lights on the set. Replace bulbs as needed.

Q15: What can I do if my animated reindeer does not move anymore?
A15: Unfortunately, due to the type of product, there is no warranty offered on animated electrical products.  Please refer to the product return policy of the retail outlet from which the product was purchased.

Q16: Can I change the light set(s) on my animated or lighted sculpture or decoration?
A16: Typically the sets are not replaceable as the sets are usually made specifically for the item and cannot be purchased in stores.  If the issue is with burnt-out or non-functional bulbs, please refer to our answer above concerning replacing bulbs.  If you have just purchased the product, please refer to the product return policy of the retail outlet from which the product was purchased. 

If you’ve had this animated or lighted sculpture or decoration for several years and it has become a cherished heirloom, and the return policy has expired, we suggest you simply add another set of lights to the product (keeping the original lights in place) and plug this new light string in independently.

Q17: What can I do if the lights on my candelabra are burnt?
A17: Typically, replacement bulbs are available at your local retailers. A regular C7 orange or clear bulb may be used should specific replacement bulbs not be readily available.

Q18: I purchased a LED light set one year ago and it is no longer functional. Is there a warranty on this product?
A18: Our LED light sets are covered by a manufacturer's warranty.  Please refer to the warranty card included in the box.

If you have misplaced the card and you still have your purchase receipt, please provide us with the following information, by email or fax using the coordinates mentioned below,  and we will attempt to resolve your issue.

  • the date you purchased the product
  • the name and address of the retail outlet at which you purchased the product
  • the product number (usually situated on top of the barcode found on the back or bottom of the box) or the UPC number (usually found at the bottom of the same barcode)
  • a copy of your purchase receipt

Q19: Can I change a light bulb on my LED light set?
A19: Unfortunately, in order to maintain a consistent high level of quality, our LED light sets do not have consumer replaceable bulbs.  Should any bulbs be missing and/or dysfunctional, please refer to the question above concerning LED light set warranties.

Q20: What is the maximum numbers of light sets that can be plugged together?
A20: This depends on the type of construction (LED or incandescent) and the type of bulb.  For incandescent light sets, please refer to our chart on our Lighting Charts page.  For LED light sets, typically the set wattage is so low that the average home user will never exceed the maximum.  As previously stated, do not exceed 240 watts per outlet.  Each light string will provide the total string wattage either on the packaging or on the little label attached to the string. 

For example, our 50 light indoor incandescent string states the bulb wattage as 0.425. 
50 bulbs x 0.425 = 21.25 watts per string. 
240 watts per outlet divided by 21.25 = a maximum of 11.29 sets per outlet. 
In order to provide for current fluctuations and maximum security, we recommend no more than 10 sets per outlet in this case. 

Q21: What can I do if the water in my water ball has become cloudy?
A21: Unfortunately, the liquid inside waterballs is not replaceable.  However, in an attempt to prevent cloudiness, please place your waterball in an area away from direct heat and/or sunlight.
Note: The liquid inside most waterballs contains chemicals to prevent freezing.  Should your waterball leak, please discard immediately.  Please ensure to keep any leaking waterball away from children and/or pets who might inadvertently injest the liquid.


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Could not find your question or answer?

If you could not find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us at the coordinates below.

514-335-2435 or 1-800-363-1865 
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