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Decorative Items

Consumers wanting beautiful, good quality decorative Christmas items need look no further. We offer a large array of wreaths, garlands, glass and unbreakable balls and ornaments, tinsel, stars and stockings and virtually everything else required to trim a tree, and decorate a home from the inside out.

Our exclusive decoratively-themed yearly collections are designed and put together with the discerning consumer in mind.  Our themes are created to match current fashion trends and allow a home to truly come together while allowing the personality and tastes of the consumer to shine through.

Below is a small taste of our custom designed decoratively-themed yearly collections.

Exclusive Christmas Cottage theme storyboard
Imagine yourself in front of a roaring fire, sharing stories, smiles and laughter, sipping a hot drink, surrounded by family and friends, young and old.
The warmth, the camaraderie, the memories and the tradition: these are the feelings we tried to capture with our Christmas Cottage Collection.

There is something about the pristine beauty of newly fallen snow or the blue-tinged ice of a lake on a glorious winter's day that speaks to all of us.

Calm, clean, crisp, serene
beauty: our Cloud of Snow Collection was developed to evoke these thoughts and emotions.
Exclusive Cloud of Snow theme storyboard
Exclusive Purple Passion theme storyboard
Fantasy and whimsy are the beginnings of many a magical Christmas. Dare to be creative and unique and indulge yourself in the richness and luxury of a Fantasy theme. 

Our Purple Passion Collection can inspire you to dream and make your Christmas fantasy a reality.

In order to discover and fully experience other unique theme collections not shown here, be sure to visit one of our showrooms or discuss this with your sales representative.


A small sampling of our Christmas décor collection
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