Nora, Danson Decor’s founder, discovers a hidden talent making paper flowers while recuperating in the hospital. Her husband, John, began selling these flowers as adornments for women’s hats and dresses, a trend of the era.


With increasing demand, Danson transitioned from operating in the basement of their home to renting their first commercial space. In addition, the focus of the company moved over to import and distribution from Europe.


Danson introduces the Christmas line, which is today’s largest collection. As costs increased in Europe, the company proceeded to China imports, a rare occurrence at the time.


Continued growth leads Danson to open offices and showrooms in Toronto and Hong Kong. In successful efforts to diversify, the following collections were introduced; Outdoor Décor, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Easter.


Danson celebrated 75 years in business. The company moved to a newly built, 250,000 square foot building with its corporate head office, warehouse, and distribution facility. After research and development, Danson gained a first-mover advantage as it was the initial force in the introduction of the Energy Star™ approved LED lights. This led the company’s focus towards innovation and product development.


Danson moved its Hong Kong office to Shenzhen in an effort to be closer to factories and facilitate collaboration. With the changes in technology, the lighting business has drastically evolved. Our lighting program is now offering a variety of functions, timers, remote controls, and Smart Lights through applications.