Enjoy Your Summer at Home

Following our success in the early years of LED lighting, we expanded our operations to address the thriving garden lighting industry. We have leveraged our expertise to create a variety of innovative products and solutions for consumers. Our garden lighting products include functional lighting, string lights, decorative lighting, and LED candles. Working with factories, we have brought to market vintage style lighting with specialty filaments, all while remaining energy-saving and safe for consumers. Improvements in solar technology have also allowed us to improve the user experience.

In addition, our long history in supplying artificial greenery has allowed us to lead the market in UV-resistant trellises, privacy mats, trees, and plants. Our main goal is to provide long-lasting and practical products for consumers to enjoy their outdoor space in privacy.

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As market leaders in seasonal and home products, Danson is consistently providing global retailers with a personal experience through innovation, a vast selection of products and flexible buying options at competitive pricing.